Thousands of apps are downloaded every single day, but in reality many of them aren’t even used; maybe once and then deleted, or for a few days and forgotten about. We’re here to tell you how to continue to engage your customers in your apps, and how to make sure they are discovered. In an

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What is the internet of things?

Even if you’re just a casual internet user, you will have heard the term ‘The Internet of Things’. It’s been the buzz of the tech world for some time now but you still may not realise what it means. You may be even less aware that we are already living in the Internet of Things.

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After careful consultation, meeting with the developer and looking at your business model, you’ve made the forward thinking decision to get a mobile app for your business. Congratulations! You’re one step closer to modernising and expanding your business. But there’s one key question to consider; How do you make sure people to download the app? Lets

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