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Ensuring customers can locate your app and how to keep them engaged

Thousands of apps are downloaded every single day, but in reality many of them aren’t even used; maybe once and then deleted, or for a few days and forgotten about. We’re here to tell you how to continue to engage your customers in your apps, and how to make sure they are discovered.

In an age where most people have a mobile phone resting on their bedside cabinet every night, its more than likely that within a couple of minutes of turning off your morning alarm, you’ve started flicking through the apps on your phone – whether it be Facebook for any messages or your BBC News app for the daily scoop.

Apps are now extremely popular, we use them on a daily basis – probably even more than an hourly basis – and yet we do so without even thinking about it. You go to your apps when you want to buy something, know something or go somewhere; they are vital to our everyday lives now.

It’s important for brands to accept that marketing is changing, and mobile app marketing is highly important to brands now. So how do you engage with this audience?

Finding Your App Outside Of The App Store

Only 40% of consumers look for new apps in the app store, which is a high amount of course but where do the other 60% look? When using their smartphones people are coming across apps constantly, whether it be when they are using another app or scrolling through a mobile website.

Searching online is another way people are finding apps; say if somebody wants to order a Chinese takeout and they Google takeaway restaurants in their area, perhaps a mobile ordering delivery service app pops up on their results page and then they decide to download and order through that.

A great way of making your app more discoverable is investing in search advertisements. Search engines match keywords entered to search ads, with them being usually the first result on the results page. It’s much easier for a consumer to click on one of the first search results than to scroll through the list. Search ads raise the awareness of your app, but also increase your downloads by being so easy to find when a consumer needs a service that you give.

If you don’t have the money to invest in search ads, then there are ways of getting advertisement through search engine optimisation – something we have blogged about in the past in much more detail.

Ensuring App Engagement

If an app helps a consumer in their daily life, then they will continue to use it everyday. If you’re giving your customer a service that makes their lives easier, there is no reason that they wouldn’t use it frequently. On the other hand, a consumer could use the app for one service, then never use it again, it is up to you to ensure that your app isn’t the type to be deleted straight after it has been used for a transaction.

It is important to think of motivation that assures the consumer will reengage with your app after they decide their value is no longer needed. Discounts, offers and promotions work wonders for restaurants and takeaway services and exclusive items on shop apps too.

There is also the option of sending out notifications. Sometimes a consumer not using your app might simply be because they have forgotten about it, and a notification reminds them and sends them your way. Notifications are always a great way to show off the discounts and offers we spoke about above.


The number of apps downloaded is growing by the minute, so it’s more difficult than ever to get the attention of your user. Making your app stand out in the crowd and then ensuring the consumer’s loyalty is extremely important.

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