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Whether your app is a few days old, a few weeks old or several months old, having a strong and consistent app promotion plan in place means that you can continue to build your user base and generate those all-important downloads. If your marketing tactics have stalled or you just need a fresh burst of inspiration for a quick and easy promotional push, read on for 6 things you can do before the end of this week to help get the word out.

1.  Issue a PR

Whether you’re newly launched, releasing a new version, adding new features or perhaps have reached a milestone number of downloads, issuing a PR is a tried and tested promotional tactic used by brands all over the world.

2.  Create a boosted Facebook post

Boosting a post on Facebook is a cheap, effective way to reach a larger audience. Simply create a strong post and then hit the boost button after publishing. You can choose your budget and it starts from just a few pounds.

3.  Remind your users to leave you a review

Reviews are one of the single biggest drivers of consumer opinion and are the modern day equivalent of word of mouth recommendation. Remind users that haven’t already done so to leave you a review – the more reviews you have the better your visibility and the more likely a new user is to download your app.

4.  Create a blog post

If it’s been a while since your app launched, don’t be afraid to return to your keyword and create another blog post about your app for your website. This could be a “what’s changed since launch”-style piece to avoid going over old ground. It’s an easy way to remind your website visitors you have an app and drive new downloads.

5.  Set up a paid search campaign

PPC advertising is a very flexible way to promote something because you control your budget and can turn the ads on and off at will. Setting up a small PPC campaign shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours for even the Google Ads notice and gives you instant search engine visibility.

6.  Create a video

Video is often cited as the most engaging of all content formats so it makes sense to use this medium to get people to sit up and take notice about your app. Your video only needs to be short – say 3 to 5 minutes – and can then be used on your social media channels and website.

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