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Two interlinking trends we’re going to continue to see in the world of app development throughout 2019 are the uses of artificial intelligence and the mobile hub for wearables and their apps. Both of these trends exist individually of course, but more than ever we’re going to start seeing a cross over for the two. This is a very exciting trend and one that opens up lots of creative opportunities for your next business app.

For the time being, it is vastly the health and fitness space that dominates much of app usage associated with wearable tech. Apple watches and the FitBit style brands of the world have been tracking steps made, distance covered and more recently even heart beat tracking as regular features for the purpose of health monitoring for years now. They use a central app to collect and visualise the collected data via a smart mobile device. More and more, this process is not only accomplished via a device sync but also data stored and transferred (shared) via cloud storage.

As this technology matures, there is increased potential for wearables and how those pieces of hardware might sync not just with mobile apps but also with the increasing number of smart home devices on the market. The boom in smart speakers alone shows the huge potential for us to connect more than ever with our home electricals.

How long is it before not just operating them directly but also via our mobile devices and the wearable tech connected to those mobile devices becomes synced and flawless? While the usual barriers of brand and hardware compatibility will come in to play, the tech industry as a whole seems to be working around these issues much better than they were just two years ago. Again, this means that there is a whole new world of opportunity awaiting you if you’re planning an app design for your business in the near future.

Fast forward a little and consider how we currently utilise AI features for apps. Siri for example, Alexa etc. They are the driving force and increasingly preferred user interface for most of our devices. How far away can we genuinely be from having a seamless and synonymous AI that syncs across our home tech, wearables and mobile devices? How long before we can talk to our smart watch and tell it to turn on the oven or to set the central heating temperature before we get home without even needing to take our mobile device out of our pocket?

The real advancements in app development in 2019 won’t just be how AI and wearable tech progress in their own right, but how well they can be integrated with our booming smart home devices to create a synchronised device ecosystem providing the next level in user convenience and connectivity.

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