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Avokati i Popullit

The People’s Advocate safeguards the rights and freedoms and of individuals from unlawful and improper actions or failures to act of the organs of public administration. Every citizen has the right to file a complaint or notify the People’s Advocate and require its intervention in case of human rights violation. Complaints can be sent through email, telephone, mail, Mobile App, Website, or by in person complaining to the institution office.

Main Functionalities

The App “Avokati i Popullit” is the safest and quickest tool to report any violation of your rights from the public administration. Entering at the section “Complain”, you will have the chance to choose between many categories among which might fall the sort of your complaint. Afterwards you can upload videos, pics, audio or other document files, to illustrate the violation you want to pinpoint. You can also describe by writing your complaint.

Shortly after your complaint is been sent, operators at the Ombudsman’s office will read it and direct it to an official which will take care of your specific complaint. You will be promptly notified about any new stage your complaint will go through, since the acceptance of it, the beginning of its survey and the completion of it. If the office will need supplementary documents, the app will interact with you.

You will as well have the possibility to see how other complaint cases have been treated by the Ombudsman’s office and get inspired to learn about rights you haven’t been aware of having for which our Institution can help you to protect. You can also decide to permit the app to publish an anonymised version of your solved complaint to help other users like you learning the way to solution.

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