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It’s that time of year – its at the beginning of February and thoughts are turning to what will be trending in 2019. To help you get a head start on the competition if you’re considering getting a small business app design created for your firm, here are the app genres and categories that we predict will be very much in demand this year.

1.   Messenger apps

They are consistently one of the most in demand of apps with several featuring on the list of 2018’s most popular apps. Messenger apps are going nowhere in 2019, meaning this could be one category with pursuing if you’re thinking of getting an app designed for your brand. Remember here that basic just won’t do, so focus on how you can differentiate your idea from the other apps already on the market.

2.   Fitness apps

The fitness industry exploded in 2018 and one area where we saw particular growth was in at-home workouts and classes. If you run a fitness business, this is one trend that you may want to get in on in the New Year. Video workouts, group online fitness classes and virtual one-to-one personal training have all emerged as popular corners of this market and could fuel your creativity when it comes to getting your own app designed for your fitness business.

3.   Mindfulness and meditation

Apps with a strong focus on wellbeing will be popular in 2019, as more and more awareness of mental health and the need for a work life balance grows. We saw this a little in 2018 but expect it to raise to new levels over the next 12 months. If you have an idea for a wellness, meditation or mindfulness app, there’s never been a better time to champion it.

4.   AR and VR apps

AR and VR apps exploded in 2018 so expect more of the same next year. Some of this year’s most lauded, awarded and downloaded apps featured virtual reality or artificial intelligence of some kind (especially in the gaming category and education) so it’s safe to say that the demand for these types of apps will stay high in the coming months.

5.   Foodie apps

Foodie apps, especially those relating to the growing plant-based movement look set to go from strength to strength in the New Year. Whether you’re a food company, a retailer or even a food blogger, there is still lots of room and potential for development in this space.

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