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What are your business goals for 2019? If you plan to make this the year that you reach the next level, build stronger relationships with customers and make more sales, investing in having an app built for your business could unlock the door to a number of benefits.

Read on to discover just four ways you could use an app to elevate your firm’s performance this year.

1.  Give your customers reasons to remain loyal to you

Studies show that consumers are now less loyal than ever before, with even older generations happy to shop around for better deals rather than stick with brands they may have used for decades. This is all down to the sheer convenience of the Internet and the ease with which we can now look for alternate products, suppliers and services. This is not restricted to SMEs either, with even household name goods shown to be losing market share in some categories.

Developing an app for your business can help you give customers reasons to remain loyal and continue to spend with you in 2019. To ensure this is the case, it’s important to make sure your app serves them well and adds value to their daily lives. Factoring a loyalty program into your app is one really easy way to do this but there are lots of other options too.

2.  Use your app to know your customers better

As we have see brand loyalty is on the decline and that means you need to work harder to delight and retain your customers. Add to this the growing expectation of personalised marketing and the need to create content that engages users across social, web and other channels and it’s clear that you need to know your customers better than ever.

The good news is that you can use your business app to help you learn even more about your clients, what they like, dislike, buying habits and interests.

3.  Grow your brand

A branded business app offers you the chance to be ever present and within fingertip reach of your customers. Living on their mobile device, which most of us always have to hand, means you have the opportunity to really cement awareness of your products and services. It also means you have multiple chances to grow trust and show your app users exactly why they should do business with you.

4.  Boost sales

Depending on your business, it’s highly possible to make sales directly from your app – whether that’s by turning it into a booking or reservation engine or by allowing users to shop your products from the app in addition to a desktop or mobile site.

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